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Emma Lau was born in 1979 and has lived in London (UK), Hong Kong, and, in 2016, relocated with her husband to Toronto, Canada.

In 2010, Emma Lau was chosen to represent Hong Kong at a peace conference in Thailand. What transpired was about 30 young people all from different countries converging in Thailand. Their common thread was that they all believed in meditation and that a sustainable world peace was achievable through individuals experiencing their own inner peace. During this peace conference, they were taught how to meditate by Buddhist monks. They would sit down with them 3-4 times a day, an hour each time in an attempt to guide them towards deep meditation. For the first 10 or so days, Lau was not able to meditate very well, but on the 12th day she had a breakthrough and her meditation experience was sublime and profound to say the least. From then on, life began to change: her thought patterns, her awareness, and meditation practice. She would later that same year return to Thailand for more thorough training. Soon after, Lau began her Masters in Fine Art and all subsequent artwork explored how to make visual her meditation experiences. She hopes her paintings raise awareness of meditation and believes that a sustainable world peace is achievable through individuals experiencing inner peace.

Emma Lau has exhibited in London, Nottingham, Hong Kong, Port Moody BC, and Toronto ON, and her work is held in a number of private collections. 

She received her MFA (High Distinction) from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in partnership with Hong Kong Art School. Her PGCE from the UCL Institute of Education, a BA (Hons) from Nottingham Trent University, and Art Foundation from Central Saint Martins University Arts London. She worked as an art educator for 14 years starting in London secondary schools and later as Head of Art at an international school in Hong Kong. Following her successful MFA exhibition at Pao Galleries in Hong Kong Art Centre, she decided to resign from teaching to focus solely on studio practice and was soon granted a debut solo exhibition at a commercial gallery in Hong Kong, where the majority of artworks were sold at the opening reception.